Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!

Ah, yes. The classic case. One of the most popular drinks of our generation. Aside of Crystal Pepsi, this is one of the most sought out drinks on eBay in all it's incarnations, but face it: You just can't get this again. At least, not in mass produced form.

Worry not, though. You've been dying to get some Ecto-Cooler to mix with your Crystal Head Vodka, and I do believe I found the solution! Get those drink pitchers ready, we're gonna make some sweet, sugary awesomeness!

Ingredients List for 1 US Gallon:
1 Packet Flavor Aid Orange
1 Packet Flavor Aid Tangerine
3/4 Cup Orange Juice (No Pulp)
3/4 Cup Tangerine Juice/1 can mashed Mandarin Oranges
1/3 scoop Countrytime Lemonade (Reg or Pink)
1 3/4 Cups Sugar
Green food coloring for color.

Most of these items are easy to find. For the Flavor Aid, I suggest here to find both flavors: Mix-And-Match Any 2 flavors of Flavor Aid -

1) In a 1 Gallon pitcher, start by putting in your orange juice and tangerine juice. If you happen to be using the Mandarin oranges as a juice source, be sure to strain the pulp out unless you so wish it..


2) After your juices are in, put in the packets of Flavor Aid and the 1/3 scoop of Lemonade mix and mix up the concentrate. The Lemonade is used to make the mixture slightly more bitter to give it the zing the original Ecto-Cooler had. You may have to adjust to get it to your taste.


3) Add enough water to get the pitcher half full, put in your sugar and stir until dissolved. Again, if you're using Countrytime Lemonade, sugar is already added to the mixture so you might have to adjust for your personal taste by adding more sugar than the stated 1 1/2 cups.

4) Fill the rest of the container with water and then add your food coloring. The red in the Flavor Aid is deep enough to skew the color of the green, but with enough drops, you can make it green. It won't be that happy bright green we remember, but at least it'll be green.


And that's it! I will admit, this is a bit of a pain to get it like this, but it is at least as close to Ecto-Cooler as we can get. Then again, even the ugly can have sophistication and taste.


I would know.
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By rsavaiano
I came pretty close to matching the taste when I mixed Orange and Lemon-Lime flavored Kool-Aid packets together. Ended up being a similar color too.
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By ProtonCharger
just to be clear, you dont need to mix booze in it to taste like ecto cooler right?
By Dan Shannon
castewar wrote:I'm glad you included the link for the Flavour-Aid - I've never seen it up here.

I may have to do some experimenting with alternate brands.
I've looked into other brands and I found that certain companies don't make the tangerine flavor. Those that do royally mess it up like the Mexico-produced Klass brand. The Klass brand tastes HORRIBLE!

If it doesn't have sweeteners in it already, that's your best bet because I did the math to balance the amount of sugar in the mixture to the juices you include in the mix. Just be sure to get unsweetened.
By Dan Shannon
ProtonCharger wrote:just to be clear, you dont need to mix booze in it to taste like ecto cooler right?
Nope. It tastes like it should when it's as pure as a baby's ass.
By Dan Shannon
joeghostbuster wrote:that looks gross lol. I just drink Hi-C's orange lavaburst and pretend it's ecto cooler.
If ya wanna go with half the flavor, be my guest.
By Carl Brutananadilewski
Sounds amazing. Definitely going to give this one a try. It doesn't matter to me if the color's off, it's the taste that's nostalgic.

Oh, and "pinky out" is the only way to drink.

i ran into the biggest "OH CRAP WHAT DO I DO" moment when i saw juicy juice had an orange and tangerine mix juice.

while i went with the original recipe, would you say it would be a decent alternative?
Personally I don't think so because the Juicy Juice uses apple, pear and grape juices in their mix to ramp up the sugar content naturally. Because of that, the formula would have apple, pear and grape taste traces all over it and it would have thrown the whole thing off. If that doesn't bother you (considering it would be a small amount of juice) I would say it would work just fine.

Remember: I'm anal retentive. if I don't get it as close to original as possible, I go stark raving mad.
Dan Shannon wrote:Recipe Featured on Dog and Pony Show: ... to-cooler/
Also, here’s this way too-long and unfunny video explaining in detail how to make it for yourself:

I cant tell you how much orange lavaburst Ive drank this year. so tasty. granted if they somehow miraculously started to produce ecto cooler again, I would buy it in bulk like the orange lavaburst.
joeghostbuster wrote:
Dan Shannon wrote:Recipe Featured on Dog and Pony Show: ... to-cooler/
Also, here’s this way too-long and unfunny video explaining in detail how to make it for yourself:
Hey, we were half-assing it, so all criticism good and bad is to be expected. Besides, they're jackasses on purpose so I'm letting it go.
I couldn't find Flavor-Aid (must not be a southern thing), so I used Tang. 1/3 scoop of Tang and a full scoop of lemonade, and only 1/2 cup of sugar and I got something pretty close in taste to what I remember of Ecto Cooler.


Plus it turned out kinda pretty, too.

Thanks, Dan Shannon!
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