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Hey Gbfans due to some issues and tight budget i decided it might be time to depart with my beloved Ghostbuster collection and i was wondering how much you all think i can get for said items. i have all four 12 inch gb figures in mint condition only removed from box to place in curio cabinet. i have the toys r us exclusive gb 2 4 pack and red stay puft bank in box the slimer bank in the box ghostbuster emblem bank and regular stay puft bank both not in box i have every 6 inch release including marshmellow mess ray with 5 streams and 5 bases and all acessories to date. I also have extra goodies such as the pool table and toaster to recreate that scene in gb2 i have the tub with pink goo and a fan made portrait with stand of vigo painting i have two posters i am also putting my proton pack scratch made trap and mattel pke meter i also have a pair of ecto goggles i made and my belt with everything except the belt gizmo i also have all the neca series figues the 15 inch stay puft two terror dogs and gozer ,and slimer and also a gozer in the package still . i also have have all four rgb dolls from toys r us ecto one xmas ornament hot wheels ecto one i have a pretty nice size collection and i hate to part ways with it but i need to take care of priorities first thanks for looking also you can see pics on my photo bucket NOTE: the xbox is NOT included . and the 12 inch action figures are no longer in boxes but i do have them and also the box for the pke thanks for looking
Depends on how fast you need to sell them or how much you want to get from them. Compare prices with items sold in the For Sale section and Ebay. For the Custom made items, name a price you feel they're worth. I think you can get a lot from everything on the list, it's sad to see you part with them though. Hopefully the rest of the community can be more helpful on pricing, i'm not to good with putting a price on items since it all depends on how much someone is willing to pay for it. Good luck man.
Just a FYI, unless your a supporting member, you can not sell stuff so just keep that in mind. However if you do decide to sell, I call dibs on the NECA stuff. (Can use a 2nd set of them) and the 12" guys.
The majority of your stuff sounds like newer releases, so it's not worth an incredible amount more than what you paid (6" figures go for anywhere from $30-$60 or thereabouts if they are MOC). The 12" figures value skyrocketed for a while, but has come down a bit, especially if they are already opened. You could probably get about $75-$90 for each of those though.

The things you have that are worth the most are the NECA figures (a LOT for Stay Puft $100+ and each of the Terror Dogs $90+) and the Ecto ornament.
i was NOT planning on selling on here. i was planning on doing it on ebay. just needed help with pricing and things. it is a shame i could not sell here though to fellow ghostbuster fans. but rules are rules right......

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